Important Dates
December 15,2014  Deadline for the abstract submission
January 10,2015   Notification of acceptance
May 14,2015        Registration date
14-16 May,2015    Conference dates

Keynote Speakers
Gao Yihong(高一虹)   2015-02-04
Michael Byram   2015-02-04
Chen Jianlin(陈坚林)   2015-02-04
Wen Qiufang(文秋芳)   2015-02-04
Stephen Krashen   2015-02-02
Rod Ellis   2015-02-02


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The 2015 TESOL International Conference will be held at Shanghai University (Baoshan Campus) from May 14 to 16, with the theme of “TESOL in the Global Age: New Theories and Methodologies”. Six leading linguists and scholars in the fields of linguistics and English education including Rod Ellis, Stephen Krashen, Michael Byram, Wen Qiufang, Gao Yihong, and Chen Jianlin, will be invited to make keynote speeches at the Conference. Also invited to the conference will be scholars from language education presses and academic institutions. 

The conference is jointly organized by School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China,TESOL Asia, and TESOL International Journal. The conference is devoted to the research field of “TESOL in the Global Age: New Theories and Methodologies”. Main topics of the conference include frontier theories in foreign language teaching, language testing and assessment, modern education technology and English teaching, syllabus and course design, China's English language teaching and reform and way-out. 

The aim of 2015 TESOL is to bring together the international leading linguists of new theories and methodologies of TESOL, and to present their original research work of very high quality. The conference also provides an excellent opportunity to researchers from different fields of linguistics and English education, both experts and new comers, for sharing ideas, experience, and exploring new directions and problems among specialists in these fascinating subjects. This conference aims to provide a high-level platform for teachers of institutions of higher learning to exchange their research findings and explore opportunities and ways to meet challenges in the globalization of education.


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