Selected papers from the 2015 TESOL International Conference will be published in the peer-reviewed TESOL International Journal ( special issue and a peer-reviewed edited book volume by an international publisher. Interested participants need to submit the full manuscript to by 15th July, 2015.

Editors for the TESOL International Journal special issue: Zhiyong DENG, Qingye TANG, Xinghua LIU
Editors for the edited book volume: Xinghua LIU, Xingling ZHANG, Yiner ZHU

Authors need to consider the following:
(1)The submitted manuscript shall be the work presented at the conference and unpublished;
(2)Manuscripts need to be submitted in English;
(3)One author (together with co-authors) can only submit one paper;
(4)Only manuscripts in full accordance with the Guidelines for authors (provided below) will be considered;
(5)Manuscripts need to be sent in DOC or PDF format as an attachment and without any reference to the author's name. Information regarding author's name, affiliation and contact should be included in the email message.

The Organization Committee and the Editorial Committee will have all submissions reviewed anonymously and allocate selected manuscripts to the journal special issue or book volume according to paper themes and topics.

Guidelines for Authors (adapted from Guide to Submissions of TESOL International Journal website)
(1) The Font must be Times New Roman size 12.
.....Headings: May be Times New Roman size 14 or size 12.
.....Spacing 1.5 between lines.
(2) 'Smart tags' should be removed.
(3) Foot notes must not 'pop up' in the Document. They must appear at the end of the article.
(4) Citations -APA style. Use APA format as found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 5th Edition, for headings, citations, references.
About APA Style/format:
APA Citation Style:
APA Style Workshop:
(5) Keywords: All articles must include Keywords at the beginning of the article. List 4-6 keywords to facilitate locating the article through keyword searches in the future.
(6) Graphs - Charts - either in the body of the document or at the end.
(7) Paragraphs. Double space between paragraphs. Indent the beginning of each paragraph except those immediately following a heading, quotation, example, figure, chart or table. Keep text formatting (e.g., italics, bold, etc.) to the absolute minimum necessary. Use full justification. All lines to be against Left Hand Side Margin (except quotes - to be indented per APA style).
(8) Abstract
The abstract should contain an informative summary of the main points of the article, including, where relevant, the article’s purpose, theoretical framework, methodology, types of data analysed, subject information, main findings, and conclusions. The abstract should reflect the focus of the article.
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